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Interactive gambling

One study reported that males are more than twice as likely to gamble online as women Nielsen Online, There was a large amount of variance in the reported figures; consequently nonparametric tests were used to compare the medians for the interactive interactive gambling non interactive gamblers.{/PREVIEW}


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Interactive gamblers were more likely than non interactive gamblers to attribute interpersonal, work related and financial problems related to their gambling. In contrast, they defined wagering as a gambling event that takes interactive gambling on a sports field or racetrack, with the Internet simply a mechanism for placing the wager. Interactive compared to non interactive gamblers had significantly more accurate knowledge of the legal status of different forms of online gambling. The final report has to be presented by the first half ofsubject to the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform reporting by the end of gqmbling A design weight was applied to account for household size, and post stratification weighting corrected for the overrepresentation of older adults and women amongst respondents. Whether the operator informed potential customers about the law preventing operators offering Interactive Newest casino slot machines services to Australian residents.

The primary legislation covering online gambling in Australia is the Interactive Gambling Act (Commonwealth). 25 May INTERACTIVE GAMBLING Tom Dale General Manager, Regulatory NATIONAL OFFICE FOR THE INFORMATION ECONOMY KEY ISSUES Policy: What is the Government trying to achieve? Excluded gaming service. What is prohibited? The Interactive Gambling Act (the IGA) makes it an offence to provide or advertise interactive gambling to Australians.

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